Arc Design Services (ADS) is an employee-owned, multidisciplinary, professional steel detailing firm that delivers a comprehensive array of technical and strategic services, including consulting, connection design engineering, processes development, project and construction management.
L'extension de fichier.NC1 ou autrementXsteel CAD. Si vous cherchez un logiciel qui vous permettra d'ouvrir un fichier avec l'extension .NC1, ou vous voulez trouver un moyen de convertir le fichier .NC1 vous trouverez ici une solution à vos problèmes.
July 11th, 2014. As this would be my first post, hopefully I can give you some idea of what I'm making here. Your customers want more than just drawings, and you can't afford high end steel detailing programs that can output kiss, material and dstv files.
Thanks Johannes. It's a shame really. It seems other steel detailing software has some sort of nc1 importing function and convert them into CAD format while PS doesn't have that functionality.