Bachmann Spectrum HO scale K4 steam locomotive I found these engines to be much superior to the original version that came out many years ago, and pioneered the revolution in ready-to-run steam engines for the American market.
Prototype footage courtesy of Green Frog Productions, visit them at Shop now: This new streamlined version of the K4 ...
I have both the original release Spectrum K4 and the more recent (circa-2000) one. Between the two, I'd definitely recommend the later release versions. The later versions are easily distinguished by blackened side and main rods and the standard Spectrum black box with gold label on end that they are packaged in.
Jun 28, 2020 · I have a fair amount of experience weathering military models like the Tamiya RC Tanks, but this was my first crack at weathering an HO locomotive. I chose a 10+ year old Bachmann K4 Pacific from my collection as my first test subject, mainly because the Bachmann K4 is a fairly inexpensive, decent-running and detailed […]