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Dec 21, 2011 · Built to customer specifications, the Inglese Ford FE EFI systems are ready to run, right out of the box. The EZ-EFI system tunes itself as you drive so there is never any need for a no laptop or tuning experience. Product: Inglese Ford FE 390-427 V8 EZ-EFI 8-Stack Induction System. Part Number: #NG4046
The new PI heads raised the compression a small amount, received changes in port shape and also featured better heat dissipation. The new intake highlighted a more durable design (96-98 intakes were prone to cracking) as well as increased runner length and size. The combination of the two, heads and intake, resulted in the 35 HP increase.
Anyways, the ford GT is another very good car that competes on-par with the F40 and the Huayra BC in their respect. If you're looking for a cheaper car to build out of the three, i'd say the Ford GT might be the answer. With the 3.9L V8 from a **Ferrari 488 Pista**, you've essentially ended the rivalry...