YouTube pays ASCAP a licensing fee for the right to perform our members’ music in YouTube videos*. We then distribute those fees to ASCAP members as royalties. ASCAP operates on a not-for-profit basis, distributing all licensing fees we collect back to our songwriter, composer and publisher members, less only our operating expenses.
Aug 09, 2018 · 100 percent legal, the service is fully licensed with all ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR and SoundExchange license fees and no contract is required. If you want to play music legally and don’t want to worry about signing up with these licensing companies, then these premium services may be worth looking into.
ABC-TV has signed a new music licensing agreement with Broadcast Music Inc. that not only covers transmission of music used in programs and commercials, but also Web video and other new uses. "This new agreement is innovative and comprehensive," said Del Bryant, president and CEO of BMI.
Objective To assess maternal and neonatal outcomes associated with increasing body mass index (BMI) and interpregnancy BMI changes in an Australian obstetric population. Methods A retrospective cohort study from 2008 to 2013 was undertaken. BMI for 14 875 women was categorised as follows: underweight (≤18 kg/m2); normal weight (19–24 kg/m2); overweight (25–29 kg/m2); obese class I (30 ...