Center pin rods & reels are not a new concept or technique, but they are new to today's angler. The theory behind the technique is a drag-free drift, whether you're fishing bait on the bottom or suspending bait or jigs beneath a float.
Jan 30, 2020 · Centerpin fishing is also remarkably versatile: you can effectively fish fast-moving runs by focusing your drifts on the seams where the fish are holding, and you can also fish pools where water is moving painfully slow.
Riverkeeper Reels are custom centerpin float reels that are designed and manufactured in Canada, by Robb Marquette. The pictures of this Frogwater Float Reel don’t do it justice! If you are not local to our area (Northeastern Pennsylvania) please feel free to request more photos, or contact us through email or phone with any questions. […]
Spring Fishing and Boat Show 2018 - Top Center Pin Reels ... […]