This isn't to say that VS Code is a total replacement for full-fat Visual Studio, or the two simply wouldn't need to co-exist. VS Code gives us all the functionality we need, works on any OS, and happens to be much, much faster than Visual Studio.
The first command we’ll run will initialize our tsconfig.json file. We can use this file to tell TypeScript how we want it to run its compiler. We could also use a long list of command line flags, but that seems tedious and repetitive. To initialize the file, run. tsc --init TSC is the TypeScript command line tool.
Typically we wouldn't ever have these render on the same page at once but one of the "applications" we are replacing is the header that will be visible on all pages. The header application itself is an Angular elements project (using Angular v10) and the application in the body of the page is Angular v8.
I think extracting the IE11 support out of Storybook's core makes sense - and gives us a way to soft-deprecate IE11. As we move into 2021, supporting IE11 seems like something we shouldn't be investing time into. Microsoft will stop supporting IE11 for Teams this month, and many other enterprise products dropped support some time ago.