Chapter 07: Chapter 7 of Maths Examplar Problem (EN) book - TRIANGLES (A) Main Concepts and Results Triangles and their parts, Congruence of triangles, Congruence and correspondence of vertices, Criteria for Congruence of triangles: (i) SAS (ii) ASA (iii) SSS (iv) RHS AAS criterion for congruence of triangles as a particular case of ASA criterion.
If B is the midpoint of AC , then which of the following must be true? O-)41B > BC < BC 43) -AC 2AB Saž4a= a 20 (4) 100 In the figure given, what is the value of x? (1) 20 (2) 40 (5a)0 (3) 80 If Lt is the complement of LD and Ly is the supplement of LD, which statement is s true? If 1) 230 ml-x + ml—y = 180 ml-x + m Ly = 90
bisects ∠ BAC. Proof: Ex. 35, p. 315 A D C B P S P R A D C B EXAMPLE 1 Use the Angle Bisector Theorems Find the measure of ∠ GFJ. Solution Because}JG⊥ FG]› and}JH⊥ FH]› and JG 5JH 5 7, FJ]› bisects ∠ GFH by the Converse of the Angle Bisector Theorem. So, m∠ GFJ 5m∠ HFJ 5 42 8. F J H G 7 7 42 8 REVIEW DISTANCE In Geometry ...
According to the Law of Syllogism, which statement will logically follow the two given statements? If segment AD is congruent to segment DC, then D is the midpoint of AC. If D is the midpoint of AC, then ray BD bisects segment AC.