Tier 2 Academic Interventions. Identification: The PBIS Tier 2 team checks the grades of each student at mid-quarter and report card time. When students are first identified for Tier 2 Academic Interventions, they are placed onto Boost Your Grades. Each week, the student will check out with a...
The Positive Behavior Intervention and Support System is a collaborative effort that promotes positive behavior throughout the school in the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, assemblies, restrooms and the bus. Classroom teachers use behavioral management plans to promote respect and accountability for self and others.
In Tier 2, the student would receive interventions that have been shown to help similar students and progress is closely monitored. A student may receive additional instruction from other teachers (e.g. literacy resource teacher) and/or related services (e.g., school psychologist, speech and language pathologist).
PBIS aims to respond to each students needs. As the graphic below shows, there are three tiers of support that provide supports and services based on the student’s needs and how they respond to interventions. The first tier focuses on core, universal instruction and support.