Added in version 0.5.0 : public_certificate (optional) is public key certificate which will be sent through ‘x5c’ JWT header only for subject name and issuer authentication to support cert auto rolls. Per specs, “the certificate containing the public key corresponding to the key used to digitally sign the JWS MUST be the first certificate.
Dec 30, 2020 · HTTPSConnection ("") >>> conn. request ("GET", "/") >>> r1 = conn. getresponse >>> print (r1. status, r1. reason) 200 OK >>> data1 = r1. read # This will return entire content. >>> # The following example demonstrates reading data in chunks. >>> conn. request ("GET", "/") >>> r1 = conn. getresponse >>> while chunk:= r1. read (200):...
Nov 09, 2019 · For example, when you create a key-value pair, Python hashes the key and stores it in the corresponding location. If you modify the key and then hash it again, it would go to a different location. In that case you might have two entries for the same key, or you might not be able to find a key. Either way, the dictionary wouldn’t work correctly.
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